Anyone who is interested in learning about whitetail deer will find this book worth reading. Deer Whisperer is a must have if you are considering raising deer yourself some day.



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Harold Kriesche writes about many of the trials and tribulations he and his wife, Sally, endured during the 25 years they owned and operated the Deer Ranch. Raising deer is not as easy as many people might think. There's a lot of satisfaction that comes from raising and caring for deer, too, that Harold writes about in this volume. One of the most noteworthy chapters is about the oldest whitetail in the world that lived its entire life at the Deer Ranch. Other chapters provide unique information about bucks that lived their lives at the tourist destination and the surprising births of albino whitetails at the Ranch.

Includes over 36 color photos helping to illustrate the experience of raising deer.

"Deer Whisperer is a good read" ~ Richard P. Smith, award winning outdoor writer and photographer

Dad, just wait till I grow antlers.

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